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Falcon BMX will be holding a meeting on Monday November 3rd at 6pm at the Meriden Public Library in the Marion Cook Room. This meeting is to discuss:
- Brief 2014 year in review
- 2015 Race Schedule
- Wish list of needed equipment & Building Maintenance that needs to be done.
- Going over all Board Position and what their duties are, as all Board Positions will be open to nominations for next season. We NEED positions filled as some are already vacant and some members can not return to the Board due to other commitments. We will accept nominations at this meeting and be voting on them at our December 8th meeting. Some Board members will be returning for the 2015 season, everyone still needs to be nominated for positions.
All are welcome to come to the meeting, the more the better, Falcon BMX NEEDS more volunteers to help keep the track running! This last year took a toll on the Board and the few regular volunteers we have. In order for Falcon BMX to keep moving forward we need more dedicated volunteers to keep it moving forward, the goal is to GROW every year. Without new volunteers with new ideas, we can not grow. We WELCOME any new volunteers to step up and join the Board to help keep Falcon BMX running! Without the volunteers and a Board of Directors Falcon BMX can not run! Please mark this date on your calendars! We hope to see many at the meeting!

Thank you!


Falcon BMX is in need of more volunteers. We would like to be able to improve our facility, but we need volunteers to help do so. With only having a handful of volunteers working tirelessly to keep the track facility running, something's get put to the bottom of the list or not done at all. The season is coming to an end very fast and Falcon BMX WILL NEED more volunteers to step up and help out as some volunteers do not have as much time to spare anymore or will be leaving Falcon BMX. There are a few volunteers that work full time jobs and put in almost 30 - 40 volunteer hours a week at the track. If more volunteers step up then they do not have to put in all those hours and will not get burned out as quickly. There are many things that you can help out at the track with, if you can not make it on race day to volunteer then let us know, we could always use some help during the week in the evenings to doing things too. It could be helping maintain the track (cutting grass, weed whacking, raking, sweeping, filling in ruts, clearing rocks) Helping clean the building, picking up trash around the facility, learning the volunteer positions during race days (corner marshaling, Gate Starter, staging, scoring, running the computer program, taking registrations on  race day, helping in the Snack Shack, tech inspection, helping put everything up on race day, helping take everything down on race day) We will teach you, show you how to help us out if you are interested in volunteering. The BONUS with this is your rider can practice on the track while you are volunteering!!! Can't get much better than that!

Now that it is said... I hope to see more parents stepping up to help their local home tracks out. BMX is run by ALL VOLUNTEERS.... If you want to make sure your home track stays around ask what you can do to help!

Thank you in advance for helping out, Next time you see a volunteer at the track thank them for doing what they do!

We have a new alert system! Follow the link to sign up!
Join" team_page.php?a="afbf89df25ce626c766f""">Join'>https://www.rainedout.net/team_page.php?a=afbf89df25ce626c766f">Join Falcon BMX text alerts on RainedOut</a>
or text FALCONBMX to 84483

*** Just a reminder... if there is uncertain weather. Please call the track after 2pm. The track's phone number is (203) 630-2240. We will have the phone updated by 2pm.***

Here's a great Picture taken August 20, 2011 at the track! I like to call it the Flyin' High Club!

Check out the photo page for more pictures!

If you are not part of the Falcon BMX Group on Facebook please ask to join the group. Thank you for your support!

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